1st Invitational Workshop on
Body Area Network Technology and Applications

Future Directions, Technologies, Standards and Applications

June 19-20, 2011
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Rd
Worcester, MA, USA


  • Ada  Poon,  Assistant Professor at Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Allen Levesque, Research Scientist, WPI, Worcester, MA
  • Anthony Delli Colli, Vice-Chair, Market Adoption Working Group, Continua Health Alliance,
  • Arthur Astrin, Chair of Astrin Radio, IEEE802.15.6 Body Area Networks , CA
  • Behzad (Ben) Khosravi,  Vice President Global Quality, St Jude Medical, CA
  • Brian Durham, Tri Med Media
  • Brian Russell, CEO Zephyr Technology , Annapolis, MD
  • Charles Farlow, Senior Program Manager, Medtronic, MN
  • Cheuw Lee, Lead Design Engineer, Philips Healthcare
  • Christopher B Cooper, MD, Professor of Medicine and Physiology, UCLA, LA, CA
  • Diane Strong, Professor and Director, MIS Program, WPI
  • David  Cave,  MD at UMass Medical School , Worcester, MA
  • Delroy Smith, R&D Project Leader &Principle Scientist, Philips Healthcare, MA
  • Don Orofino, Director of Engineering, MathWorks,  Inc. , Natick, MA
  • Eric Overstrom, Professor and Department Head, Department of Biology & Biotechnology, WPI, MA
  • Esmaeil S. Nadimi, Associate professor at University of Southern Denmark
  • Edward Gonsalves, Adjunct Professor, School of Business, WPI, MA
  • Faranak Nekoogar, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CA
  • Francesca Sciré Scappuzzo, Principal Research Scientist, Physical Sciences Inc., Andover, MA
  • Glynda Benham, President, MegaWave Corp, Devens, MA
  • Hanif Butt, Dental School, Harvard University, MA
  • Hakan Ohlgren, Principal Development Engineer , St. Jude Medical's, CA
  • Jalal Mapar, Director at DHS Science and Technology, Washinton, DC
  • Jim Duckworth,  Professor of ECE, WPI, MA
  • Jim Burns, Senior Sofyware Architech, Elbrys Networks, NH
  • John Hines, Center Chief Technologist, NASA Ames Research Center, CA
  • Kamran Sayrafian, Manager BAN Group, NIST, MD
  • Kathy Chester, Senior Vice President Regulatory and Quality, St. Jude Medical's, CA
  • Kaveh Pahlavan, Professor of ECE, CS, WPI, MA
  • Mark Fauci, Founder, President and CEO , GEN-9 INC., CA
  • Mark Gibson, Director, Comsearch, Washington D.C.
  • Mike McLerlon, Manager, Signal Processing and Communications Development, MathWorks, Inc. , Natick, MA
  • Marshall Cross,  Chairman, Vice President of Research and Development of MegaWave, MA
  • Maysam  Ghovanloo, Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
  • Maxim Batalin, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
  • Nathaniel Sims, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, MA
  • Naveen Verma, Professor at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Ning Yang, DSP Developer. Analog Devices Inc., MA
  • Paul Coss, Director of Marketing, Philips Healthcare, MA
  • Pratap Misra, Research Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, MA
  • Raymond Krasinski, Senior Manager, Standardization, Philips, NY (Also, Chair of the IEEE802.15.4j M-BAN)
  • Sergey Makarov, Professor, WPI, MA
  • Tulu Bengisu, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, WPI, MA
  • Vahid Tarokh, Professor at Harvard University, MA
  • William J. Heetderks, Director, (NIH/NIBIB) Extramural Science Program
  • Yue Lu, Assistant Professor, Harvard University, MA