10th International Symposium on
Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT'16)
March 20-23, 2016

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Rd
Worcester, MA, USA

Lorenzo Mucchi, PhD., Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Florence, Italy
"Smart Body Area Networks: ETSI Standardization"
misra   Lorenzo Mucchi received the Dr. Eng. Degree (Laurea) in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Florence, Italy, in 1998 and the Ph.D. in Telecommunications and Information Society in 2001. Since 2001 he has been with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Florence, Italy, as a Research Scientist. During the academic year 2000-2001, he spent a 12-months period of research at the Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. His main research areas are spread spectrum techniques, adaptive filters, CDMA communication systems and satellite communications. He is actually involved in the ultra-wide-band systems and space-time codes and diversity techniques for terrestrial and satellite communications research area. He is also involved in several national and international projects. He has published a chapter in an international book and several papers (48) in international journals and conferences during his research activity. He is member of the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) Technical Committee on Telecommunications. Since 2003 he is professor of Telematics (Telecommunications and Informatics) at the University of Florence. Lorenzo Mucchi is also a full member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).