10th International Symposium on
Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT'16)
March 20-23, 2016

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Rd
Worcester, MA, USA

Masayuki Fujise, PhD., Yokohama National University, Japan
misra   Masayuki Fujise (M'86) received the B.S., M.S., and Dr. Eng. degrees in communication engineering from Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1973, 1975, and 1987, respectively, and the M.Eng. degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, in 1980.
He was with the Kokusai Denshin Denwa Company, Ltd., in 1975 and was with the R&D Laboratories, where he was engaged in research on optical-fiber transmission measurements. In 1990, he was with the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, International Optical and Radio Communications Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan, as a Department Head. In 1997, he was with the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan. In April 2004, the name CRL was changed to National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), which is an Incorporated Administrative Agency. He was the Director of Wireless Communications Laboratory, NICT, Singapore, from September 2002 to September 2006. He has been the Director of NICT Asia Research Center, Pathumthani, Thailand, since October 1, 2006. He is also a Guest Professor with the Yokohama National University Japan, Yokohama, Japan, and a Visiting Faculty of the Asia Institute of Technology Thailand, Pathumthani, Thailand. He is the coauthor of Wireless Communication Technologies (Kluwer, 2000), Intelligent Vehicle Technologies (Butterworth Heinemann, 2001), Radio Over Fiber Technologies for Mobile Communications Networks (Artech House, 2002), and more than 200 papers. His current research interests are in millimeter-wave ITS communication technology, radio-on-fiber transmission technology, and ad hoc wireless network technology.
Dr. Fujise is a member of the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers of Japan. He was the recipient of the Jack Spergel Memorial Award of the 33rd International Wire and Cable Symposium in 1984.