Former Students Supervised by Professor Kaveh Pahlavan

graduation graduate student

Ph.D. students

Photo Name Year School Dissertation Employment
bader Julang Ying  2021 WPI Three Cyberspace Applications for IoT RF Cloud in Localization, Motion Detection, and Security China Telecom, Hang Zhou, China 
bader Bader Alkandari 2019 WPI A Novel Approach for MAC and PHY Performance Analysis in Relay Networks in Presence of Interference and Shadow Fading College of Technological Studies at PAAET, Kuwait
umair Umair I. Khan 2018 WPI Statistical Modelling and Performance Evaluation of TOA for Localization inside the Human Body using Computational Techniques Analog Engineer at Intel Corporation, Boaton Area
nader Nader Bargshady 2017 WPI Precise Tracking of Things viaHybrid 3-D Fingerprint Database and Kernel Method Particle Filter WIT, Boston
fardad Fardad Askarzadeh 2017 WPI Diffraction Analysis with UWB Validation for ToA Ranging in the Proximity of Human Body and Metallic Objects Software Development Manager, Amazon, Boston
guanqun Yisuang Geng 2016 WPI Radio Propagation for Localization and Motion Tracking In Three Body Area Network Applications Software Engineer, Google, Greater Seattle Arae
guanqun Guanqun Bao 2014 WPI On Simultaneous Localization and Mapping inside the Human Body (BodyBody-SLAM) Security Engineer, Facebook, Greater San Francisco Bay Area
Yunxing Yunxing Ye 2013 WPI Bounds on RF Cooperative Localization for Video Capsule Endoscopy BROADCOM Inc, CA
Ferit Ozan Akgul 2010 WPI Modeling the Behavior of Multipath Components Pertinent to Indoor Geolocation QUALCOMM Inc., CA
Muzaffer Kanaan 2008 WPI Node Density and Quality of Estimation for Infrastructure-based Indoor Geolocation Using Time of Arrival Kayseri Erciyes University, Turkey
Mohammad Heidari 2008 WPI Identification and Modeling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Direct Path Component in ToA-Based Indoor Localization Systems Skyhook Wireless, MA
Juha-Pekka Makela 2008 Oulu Effects of handoff algorithms on the performance of multimedia wireless networks University of Oulu
Nayef Alsindi 2008 WPI Indoor Cooperative Localization for Ultra Wideband Wireless Sensor Networks Etisalat BT Innovation Center (EBTIC), UAE
Ahmad Hatami 2006 WPI Application of Channel Modeling for Indoor Localization Using TOA and RSS QUALCOMM Inc., CA
Bardia Alavi 2006 WPI Distance Measurement Error Modeling for Time-of-Arrival Based Indoor Geolocation Cisco Systems, OH
Boris Ramos 2006 WPI The Impact if Universal Service Obligations and Other External and Cross Subsides on Teledensity in Developping Countries Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Mika Ylianttila 2005 Oulu Vertical Handoff and Mobility - System Architecture and Transition Analysis University of Oulu, Finland
Sastri Kota 2003 Oulu Broadband Satellite Internet - Quality of Service, Technology, and Services Harris Corporation
Xinrong Li 2003 WPI Super-resolution TOA estimation with diversity for indoor geolocation University of North Texas
Robert Tingley 2000 WPI Estimation and Statistical Modeling of the Indoor Radio Channel Drapers Laboratories, Cambridge, MA
Prashant Krishnamurhty 1999 WPI Analysis and Modeling of the Wideband Radio Channel for Indoor Geolocation Applications University of Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Stanley Richard Stanley 1998 WPI Modeling and Optimizing Wireless Network Infrastructure Economic Cost Adjunct Assistant Professor at WPI
Richard Stanley Mudhazzar Hassan-Ali 1998 WPI Mudhzaffar Hassan-Ali, Using Ray-Tracing Techniques in Site-Specific Statistical Modeling of Indoor Radio Channels Alcatel-Lucent, San Francisco, CA
Alireza Alireza Ghazizahedi 1998 WPI Traffic Engineering for Wireless LANs (Wireless Networks) Cisco Systems,San Francisco, CA
Richard Stanley Aram Falsafi 1996 WPI Comparative Performance Evaluation of Transmission Techniques Applied to Wireless Local Area Networks Telllabs,Seattle, Washington
Richard Stanley Ganning Yang 1994 WPI Performance Evaluation of High Speed Wireless Data Systems Using a 3D Ray Tracing Algorithm Meida Tek, San Diego
Richard Stanley Mitch Chase 1993 WPI Performance of M-ARY CDMA Over Modelled and Measured Indoor Radio Channels Bennu Consulting, Phoenix, Arizona
Richard Stanley Rajamani Ganesh 1991 WPI Time Domain Measurements Modeling and Simulation of the Indoor Radio Channel QUALCOMM Inc.
Richard Stanley Steven Howard 1991 WPI Frequency Domain Characteristics and Auto-Regressive Modeling of the Indoor Radio Channel QUALCOMM Inc.
Richard Stanley K. Zhang 1990 WPI Wireless Local Networks for Integrated Voice/Data Services Via-Telecomm, SanDiego, CA
Richard Stanley Tom Sexton 1989 WPI Channel Modeling and High Speed Data Transmission Preformance for the Indoor Radio Channel Nokia Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas

M.S. students

Photo Name Year School Thesis Employment
Liang Mi 2014 WPI A Testbed for Design and Performance Evaluation of Visual Localization Technique inside the Small Intestine Ph.D, Arizona State University, AZ
chen Jin Chen 2013 WPI UWB Characteristics of RF Propagation for Body Mounted and Implanted Sensors, CT
zhuoran Zhuoran Li 2013 WPI Samsung, San Diego, CA
shenli Shen Li 2012 WPI A Hardware Platform for Wireless Access and Localization Performance Evaluation of Devices inside the Human Body HP Inc., CA
ruijun Ruijun Fu 2012 WPI Empirical RF Propagation Modeling of Human Body Motions for Activity Classification Samsung, San Diego, CA
umair Umair Khan 2012 WPI Computational Techniques for Comparative Performance Evaluation of RF Localization inside the Human Body Intel
pranay Pranay Swar 2012 WPI On the Performance Evaluation of In-Body RF Localization Techniques  
yunxing Yi Wang 2010 WPI  
  Mohammad Ali Assad 2007 WPI A Real-Time Laboratory Testbed for Evaluating Localization Performance of WIFI RFID Technologies  
Leon T. Metreaud 2006 WPI QUALCOMM Inc.
Mohammad Heidari 2004 WPI WPI, Ph.D.
Nayef Alsindi 2004 WPI WPI, Ph.D.
Emad Zand 2003 WPI Director of Sales and Marketing of ADSL Division at Pars Online
Jeffery Feigin 2000   GSSI, Boston, MA
  A. Parker 1994    
G. Bronson 1993   Airvana, Boston, MA
  J. Meditz 1993    
  Tim Holtz 1992    
Richard Stanley Rajamani Ganesh 1987 WPI QUALCOMM Inc.