The Second IEEE Workshop on Wireless LANs: Pictures from the Workshop

  Prof. Kaveh Pahlavan (center) speaks with Dr. Thomas Stanley, Chief Engineer of FCC, at the WPI IEEE Workshop on Wireless LANs. 
  From left, David King, President of Proxim; William Hahn, President of Aironet; Bruce Tuch, Lucent Labs (designer of WaveLAN); Paul Odlyzko, Motorola; Craig Mathais, Farpoint Group; Kaveh Pahlavan, WPI CWINS. 
  The Harris semiconductors workshop booth was presenting the PRISM chip sets for wireless LANs. 
  Dr. Cern and Dr. Medved of Jolt discussing their latest wireless ATM product using the IR technology. 
  Two of the WLRL students, Jared Robinson and Andrew Messier, providing lap-tops with wireless adpater cards to attendees of the Workshop.  Wireless connectivity to the backbone network was available inside the conference rooms and in the corridors. 
  Andrew Cobden, one of the graduate students at CWINS/WLRL, shows a demo on  wireless multi-media applications using TCP/IP protocol. 
  A view of the CWINS/WLRL laboratory before the attendees visit.