Established in 1994, as the first scholarly journal devoted to emerging wireless networks, the International Journal of Wireless Information Networks (IJWIN) is an international forum for the dissemination of knowledge for researcher in both the telecommunications and computer industries.

This outstanding quarterly publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original papers both in print and in electronic form related to sensor and mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless personal and local area networks as well as wide area cellular networks. The applications includes wireless networks for health care, intelligent transportation wireless networks, cognitive radio and spectrum management, wireless localization and security. The technical contents of the journal covers performance-predictions methodologies, radio propagation studies, modulation and coding, multiple access methods, security and privacy considerations, antenna and RF subsystems, experimental trials, traffic and frequency management, and network signaling and architecture.

Four categories of papers are published:

  1. Invited openings, review current and future directions
  2. Overview reports, address the philosophy and technical details of the standards and field trials
  3. Technical papers, present specific technical contributions of archival value
  4. Letters, present new enhancement of previously published works, statements of open problems, comments on published papers, and corrections.

International Journal of Wireless Information Networks aims to fill the needs of academic researchers involved in basic research at universities or research laboratories; telecommunications and computer engineers involved in design, planning, operation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art wireless information networks; and the technical community in telecommunications and computers involved in applied research and standards activities.